Branding Services

Branding involves a lot more than just your logo. We work with companies to refresh existing brands, breath life into new ones and create strategies that reach across all mediums to convey value and connect customers with your brand. 

StratWise Consulting Brand Guide (pdf)


marketing and strategic planning

SWOT Analysis

We take a hard look at the internal and external factors impacting your business. Doing so can open you up to more opportunities as well as safeguard you from making the wrong decisions.

Marketing Message Creation

We can help your company create and refine your Value Propositions, sales pitches, website copy, and increase your success with email and digital ad's. All by focusing on your customers needs and how your service or product supports those. 

Digital Strategy

Your business is on the web. Your customers are on the web. How do you connect the dots and make it worth everyone's while? Let us create a strategy that does that and you'll reap the benefits.


We work with you to create a vision for your company, services or products. Then we utilize design as well as storytelling to develop the branding that speaks to your customers. Applicable for new ideas or existing companies looking to refresh their brand.

Sales Funnel Creation

Do you know where your company's next lead is coming from? Have you attempted to gain new business via the web? Why didn't that one channel work the way you thought? We can help provide those answers.

Strategic Marketing Plans

Have a great idea for a product? Thinking of trying a new marketing angle for your business? We can facilitate your marketing needs with a strategic plan that sets your business a part. You'll be better prepared to go to market.

One day business boot camp

Designed to get your business focused on three key areas: sales growth, increased gross profit and reduced costs. This is applicable for marketing, strategic planning or if you're seeking to start a business. 

StratWise Consulting One-Day Business Bootcamp (pdf)


entire Business services

Lean Business Model Plans

Organizing your entire business model on a single page is powerful. It can help you if you're thinking about starting a company, launched one recently or have been in business for 20 years.

Strategy Mapping

Provides a framework for some of your most important activities as a business. It helps you become more aware of the financial and growth options but also your customers and employees perspectives.

Sustainable Business

Do you care about the planet and the people on it? We can help your business understand the Triple Bottom Line and implement plans and practices which impact your business, society and the environment.

Exit Strategies

You've created the company. Worked really hard at it. But have you spent time thinking of how to exit that business when the time is right? We can work with you to devise a plan and target suitors.

48-Hour Strategy

A lot can happen in 48 hours - including a highly effective strategy. 

StratWise Consulting 48 Hour Strategy (pdf)


Service options


Hourly rates vary depending on the scope of the work, whether third party service providers are needed to complete the work appropriately or if we are simply overseeing your initiatives and providing insights based on the outcomes. 

Solution Based

Solution based pricing where we tackle one area of focus and provide a strategy for that solution. An example would be a competitive market analysis where we conduct one solution that your business needs. 

Long-term Engagement

 Retainer approach where the engagement with your business is multi-faceted and typically lasts several months at a time. This is the most cost effective way of addressing numerous areas of concern and delivering strategic plans that encompass those. 

Sales Leadership Training In partnership with a leading sales educator.