Vision & Mission


Vision Statement 

Our globally connected world can be a hindrance to businesses or the reason for success. We offer a vision for successfully leveraging a world full of opportunity. 

Mission Statement 

We work with each business to design a sustainable future using a strategic blueprint. 

J.C. Milam - President

It’s the five businesses I’ve started or helped grow that have provided the basis for my consulting abilities. I absolutely love learning about new industries, products and services. 

What makes this work gratifying is that I get to help other entrepreneurs succeed at growing their businesses while providing jobs for their employees and good lives for their families

our Advisors

Stefanie Boyer


Dr. Stefanie Boyer is a sales and negotiations coach, with a track record of success helping individuals refine strategy to improve performance at the company and individual level.

Dr. Stefanie Boyer heads the sales program at Bryant University, a top sales university as recognized by the Sales Education Foundation. Dr. Boyer is the Director of NISC, a highly regarded competition linking together top sales organization with top sales talent.

 Dr. Boyer is published in major research outlets for her work in sales training and innovative research methods. You can see her work in Journal of Business Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Selling, Marketing Management Journal, Journal of Marketing Channels, Journal of Research and Innovative Marketing, International Journal of Education, Training and Development, among others. 

Tom Szumlic


Tom Szumlic, Ph.D. is a practicing architect with expert experience in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, building construction, community development, and design education.  

 Making a better world through design is the result of individual commitment. However, real change is the result of collaborative work.  To this end, we seek like-minded people who share the notion that the sustainable needs of our communities form design practice. 

His firm MOD.el was a 2016 Sustany Foundation Sustainable Business Award Recipient.  

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